Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Date of Enactment:14 February, 2011
Last Revised Date:14 February, 2011

President and Representative Director, Etsuko Ayaka

At Ammtec, privacy issue is very important. This Privacy Statement is designed to let you know how we protect and use information that we gathered through this Ammtec website.
1. Personal information collection
By using this website, you agree with the terms of this Privacy Statement. Ammtec will collect personal information only in accordance with this Privacy Statement.
2. Use of personal information
Ammtec may use your personal information for the following purposes. Ammtec will ask for your permission in advance if your personal information is needed for purposes other than the following.
(1)To respond your requests
(2)To contact you with information that might be of interest to you including information about seminars and other services
(3)For analytical purposes and to research, develop, improve, and provide programs, products, after-sales services, and contents
(4)To comply with a law or regulation, court order or other legal process
(5)To comply with personal information disclosure based on Personal Information Protection Law
(6)To supervise and inspect the use of personal information
(7)To comply with social responsibility as a medical company
(8)For contract management with trade connections
3. Security
Ammtec will provide appropriate measures to prevent and protect your personal information from leakage, destruction, and damage.
4. Personal information entrustment
When Ammtec commission third party to manage personal information, such third party will undergo our careful consideration to make sure that your personal information is protected according to Personal Information Protection Law.
5. Personal information disclosure to third party
Ammtec will not share your personal information collected from this website with an unrelated third party without your permission, except as otherwise stated in Personal Information Protection Law.
6. Personal information disclosure and correction
Ammtec will promptly disclose your personal information when claimed by you. Ammtec will not disclose your personal information when we cannot identify you.
To keep your personal information accurate, current, and complete, please contact us as specified below. We will conduct investigation in order to answer your claim. We will not answer to your claim when we cannot identify you.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Statement, please contact us as follows:
Ammtec Inc.