Laminoplasty Basket

Ammtec Laminoplasty Basket
a unique posterior motion preservation implant

Simple Control
Screw placement is simpler than conventional miniplate because the basket system holds lamina during the procedure.

Made of pure titanium
Pure titanium results in faster osseointegration as well as lesser artifact.

Early bony fusion
The basket system allows for bone graft material to be held in place, which maximizes speed of bony fusion.

Universal design
Laminoplasty Basket is designed for both open-door and double-door laminoplasty.

Safe System
The unique shape of Laminoplasty Basket holds lamina well and prevent itself from falling into spinal canal.

Indications for Laminoplasty Basket
・Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Laminoplasty Basket fixation